DTI 000168.03 – High Supply Voltage Detected in Control Unit (BAT)

DTI 000168.03 (DTI 168.03)

Code: 000168.03

Shortcode: 168.03


This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is triggered when the supply voltage at the BAT input of the control unit exceeds 16 volts, indicating an overvoltage condition. This excessive voltage can pose a serious risk to the electronic components by causing overheating, premature wear, and potential failure of electrical and electronic parts. Such conditions may arise from malfunctions in the charging system, particularly the alternator or voltage regulator, which are responsible for maintaining the battery charge and supplying power to the vehicle’s electrical system.


The system may initiate safety protocols such as power limitation or shutdown to prevent damage. Warning indicators may be activated to alert the operator of the high voltage condition.


  • Inspect Charging System Components: Thoroughly check the alternator and voltage regulator for faults. These components should maintain the voltage within a specified range and may need adjustments or replacements if they are delivering excessive voltage.
  • Check for Faulty Electrical Components: Identify and replace any electrical components that could cause overcharging or failed voltage regulation.
  • Regular Voltage Monitoring: Implement regular monitoring of the electrical system’s voltage to ensure it remains within safe operational limits.


Preventive maintenance and routine checks are crucial to safeguarding the electrical integrity of John Deere equipment and ensuring dependable operation.

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