DTI 000628.12 – Control Unit Internal Fault Detected

DTI 000628.12 (DTI 628.12)

Code: 000628.12

Shortcode: 628.12


This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) indicates an internal electronic malfunction within the control unit. Such faults may include issues with the unit’s firmware, corruption of data, hardware failures, or internal communication errors. These malfunctions can affect the operational integrity of the control unit, potentially leading to erratic behavior, loss of control functionality, or complete system shutdowns.


The control unit may enter a safe mode, limit its functionality, or provide error messages and warnings to prevent operations that could lead to unsafe conditions.


  • Perform Diagnostic Checks: Utilize specialized diagnostic tools to precisely identify the nature of the internal fault.
  • Update or Restore Firmware: If the issue is related to software or firmware, consider updating or restoring it to a stable version.
  • Inspect Hardware Components: Check for signs of physical damage or wear on hardware components and replace any defective parts.
  • Consult Technical Support: For complex internal issues, consulting John Deere technical support or a professional service technician may be necessary.


Addressing internal faults promptly is crucial to maintaining the reliability and safety of the equipment. Regular software updates and thorough inspections can help prevent such issues.

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