DTI 002003.09 – CAN Bus Communication Error with EPC or TCU

DTI 002003.09 (DTI 2003.09)

Code: 002003.09

Shortcode: 2003.09


This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) indicates a data transfer problem between the Electrically Powered Control (EPC) or Transmission Control Unit (TCU) and the DTI. The fault involves intermittent or non-existent reception of CAN messages from the EPC or TCU, which may be attributed to issues like loose wiring or connectivity faults. Such communication failures can affect critical functions related to transmission or electrically powered controls.


Operational disruptions or malfunctions may occur, and the DTI may alert the operator through error notifications or restricted functionality.


  • Verify Connections and Wiring: Inspect the wiring and connections involved in the CAN bus system linking the DTI to the EPC or TCU. Repair or replace faulty components as needed.
  • Test Network Integrity: Employ CAN bus diagnostic tools to evaluate the integrity and performance of the network, identifying and rectifying any disruptions.
  • Ensure EPC/TCU Functionality: Check that the EPC or TCU is operating properly and capable of sending accurate data to the DTI.


Regular diagnostics and maintenance of the CAN bus network and associated control units can prevent communication errors and enhance the operational reliability of the equipment.

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