DTI 002025.09 – CAN Bus Communication Error with ATC, ETC, or HTC

DTI 002025.09 (DTI 2025.09)

Code: 002025.09

Shortcode: 2025.09


This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) alerts to a data transfer problem between the Air Temperature Controller (ATC), Engine Temperature Controller (ETC), or Hydraulic Temperature Controller (HTC) and the DTI. Issues include intermittent or missing reception of CAN messages, likely due to connectivity problems or wiring defects. Disrupted communications can lead to inaccurate temperature control and system mismanagement.


The DTI might restrict certain functionalities or display error messages due to incomplete data reception, affecting temperature regulation and related operations.


  • Inspect and Repair Connections: Examine all relevant connections to ensure they are secure and functioning. Repair or replace damaged parts as necessary.
  • Utilize Diagnostic Equipment: Conduct diagnostics to identify and correct faults within the CAN bus system that affect communication with the ATC, ETC, or HTC.
  • Ensure Controller Functionality: Check that all temperature controllers are in good working order and transmitting accurate data to the DTI.


Effective operation of temperature control units is crucial for maintaining optimal conditions within the equipment. Regular checks and maintenance of these systems and their communication lines can prevent operational issues.

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