DTI 523773.03 – Vehicle CAN Bus Overvoltage Warning (CAN+)

DTI 523773.03 (DTI )

Code: 523773.03



This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is triggered when the CAN+ voltage in the vehicle’s CAN Bus system exceeds 5.0 volts. Such high voltage levels can disrupt data transmission across the network, preventing the exchange of critical operational data between connected devices and systems.


Data transmission on the CAN Bus may be halted to prevent damage from overvoltage, potentially leading to system errors or loss of functionality.


  • Inspect Electrical Components: Check for faults in the electrical system that could cause voltage spikes, such as damaged wires or faulty connectors.
  • Measure and Monitor Voltage Levels: Regularly measure the voltage levels within the CAN Bus to ensure they remain within safe parameters.
  • Implement Voltage Regulating Devices: Consider installing or checking existing voltage regulators to manage and stabilize voltage levels within the network.


Maintaining proper voltage levels on the CAN Bus is essential for reliable data communication and overall system health. Regular monitoring and maintenance are crucial to preventing voltage-related issues.

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