ECU 000027.07 – EGR Valve Actuator Fault. John Deere Engine Control.

ECU 000027.07 (ECU 27.07)

Code: 000027.07

Shortcode: 27.07


The ECU 000027.07 (27.07) error code on John Deere machinery indicates a fault in the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve actuator. This error arises when there is a mismatch between the desired and actual positions of the EGR valve actuator. Such discrepancies can result from mechanical failures within the actuator, sensor errors, or software issues in the control system. This mismatch can significantly affect engine performance by impairing proper EGR operation, which is critical for controlling emissions and maintaining efficient combustion.


The engine control system may respond to this fault by limiting engine performance or triggering a safe mode to prevent further damage and ensure compliance with emission standards.


  • Inspect the EGR Actuator and Sensors: Check the EGR valve actuator and associated sensors for signs of mechanical wear or failure. Ensure that the sensors are providing accurate data.
  • Calibrate the EGR System: Use diagnostic tools to recalibrate the EGR system. Ensure that the actuator reaches the correct positions as per control system commands.
  • Replace Faulty Components: If the actuator or sensors are found to be defective, replace them with original John Deere parts to guarantee functionality and compatibility.
  • System Reset and Performance Testing: After addressing the issues, reset the error codes and conduct thorough system testing to ensure the actuator is functioning correctly and the error does not recur.


Regular calibration and maintenance of the EGR system are essential to prevent performance issues and ensure the system operates within regulatory emission standards. Problems with the EGR actuator can often be preempted by timely diagnostics and maintaining the health of the engine’s electrical and mechanical components. It’s also beneficial to keep the engine control firmware updated to the latest version to prevent software-related discrepancies in the actuator control.

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