ECU 000051.07 – Air Throttle Actuator Fault. John Deere Engine Control.

ECU 000051.07 (ECU 51.07)

Code: 000051.07

Shortcode: 51.07


The ECU 000051.07 (51.07) error code indicates a fault in the air throttle actuator on John Deere equipment, characterized by a mismatch between the desired and actual positions of the actuator. This discrepancy suggests issues such as sensor malfunctions, mechanical binding within the actuator, or control software errors that misinterpret the actuator’s position.


Due to this error, the John Deere engine control system might restrict the range or responsiveness of the air throttle actuator to prevent operational inconsistencies that could affect engine performance or lead to more severe mechanical issues.


  • Inspect the Actuator and Sensors: Check the physical condition of the air throttle actuator and its sensors for any signs of wear, damage, or obstruction that could impair movement or signal detection.
  • Calibrate the Actuator: Perform a recalibration of the actuator using specialized diagnostic tools to ensure it matches the control system’s requirements for position and movement.
  • Test and Replace Components if Necessary: If recalibration does not resolve the issue, further testing might reveal faulty sensors or a malfunctioning actuator, which should be replaced with genuine John Deere parts.
  • Reset the System and Conduct Operational Tests: After any repairs or replacements, reset the fault codes and perform extensive testing to verify that the actuator now accurately reflects commanded positions.


Regular calibration and maintenance of the throttle actuator and its sensors are crucial for ensuring reliable operation and preventing faults like ECU 000051.07. It’s advisable to include system checks in regular service intervals to detect early signs of wear or misalignment. Additionally, keeping the engine control software updated can prevent miscommunication issues that might lead to position mismatches. Ensuring clean and lubricated moving parts within the actuator can also mitigate mechanical issues.

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