ECU 000091.03 – Primary Analog Throttle Signal Out of Range High. John Deere Engine Control.

ECU 000091.03 (ECU 91.03)

Code: 000091.03

Shortcode: 91.03


The ECU 000091.03 (91.03) error code on John Deere equipment indicates that the primary analog throttle signal is higher than the high voltage specification set for the foot throttle sensor. This overvoltage situation can be caused by issues such as sensor faults, wiring problems, or electronic interference, leading to erratic throttle behavior or unintended acceleration.


The engine control system may respond to this high signal by limiting engine output or engaging emergency modes to prevent potential hazards associated with uncontrolled engine speeds.


  • Inspect Throttle Sensor and Wiring: Check the throttle sensor and associated wiring for signs of damage, corrosion, or improper connections that might cause high voltage readings.
  • Test Sensor Output: Use diagnostic tools to verify the sensor’s output, ensuring it aligns with expected parameters.
  • Replace Faulty Components: If any component is found to be defective, replace it with genuine John Deere parts to ensure compatibility and proper functionality.
  • Reset and Test the System: After making repairs, reset the system to clear the error code and conduct a thorough test to ensure the issue is resolved.


Frequent checks and calibration of the throttle system can prevent such high-voltage issues. Ensuring all connections are secure and protected from environmental factors like moisture and dirt is also crucial.

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