ECU 000091.15 – Primary Analog Throttle Signal Not Available. John Deere Engine Control.

ECU 000091.15 (ECU 91.15)

Code: 000091.15

Shortcode: 91.15


The ECU 000091.15 (91.15) error indicates that the primary analog throttle signal from the foot throttle sensor is unavailable, which could be due to sensor failure, disconnection, or a critical fault in the sensor’s circuitry.


With the throttle signal unavailable, the engine control system may switch to a default or emergency mode to manage engine operation without input from the throttle sensor, potentially limiting engine performance significantly.


  • Check Sensor and Circuitry: Thoroughly inspect the throttle sensor and its associated circuitry for any visible damage or disconnections.
  • Diagnostic Evaluation: Use advanced diagnostics to determine the cause of the signal loss, focusing on sensor integrity and connection quality.
  • Replace Non-functional Parts: If the sensor or any related components are found to be defective, replace them with official John Deere parts.
  • Reset the ECU and Conduct System Tests: After repairs, reset the ECU to ensure all settings are applied correctly and conduct tests to confirm full functionality.


This issue emphasizes the importance of regular system diagnostics and immediate attention to any error signals from the engine control unit. Keeping backup parts on hand and ensuring quick, efficient maintenance procedures can minimize downtime and operational disruptions.

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