ECU 000097.16 – Water In Fuel Detected. John Deere Engine Control.

ECU 000097.16 (ECU 97.16)

Code: 000097.16

Shortcode: 97.16


The ECU 000097.16 (97.16) error code on John Deere equipment indicates that the water-in-fuel sensor has detected a moderately high amount of water in the fuel. This condition can significantly impact engine performance and may cause damage if not addressed promptly. Water in the fuel system can lead to issues such as reduced lubrication, increased corrosion, and potential freezing in colder temperatures, all of which can affect the efficiency and longevity of the engine.


In response to detecting water in the fuel, the engine control system may activate warning signals to alert the operator and may adjust the engine’s operation to minimize potential damage or to maintain performance until the issue can be resolved.


  • Drain and Inspect Fuel System: Immediately drain the fuel-water separator and inspect the fuel system for further signs of water contamination. Replace the fuel filter if necessary.
  • Check Fuel Storage and Supply: Examine the source of your fuel to ensure it is free of water contamination. Consider the storage conditions which may be contributing to water accumulation.
  • Inspect and Test the Water-in-Fuel Sensor: After addressing the immediate contamination, inspect the water-in-fuel sensor for accuracy and functionality. Replace the sensor if it shows signs of malfunction or damage.
  • Reset System and Monitor: Once the system is serviced and the sensor checked or replaced, reset the engine control unit to clear the error code. Monitor the system closely to ensure no further water detection alerts occur.


Regular maintenance of the fuel system, including frequent checks of the fuel-water separator and replacement of the fuel filter, is essential to prevent water contamination from affecting engine performance. It is also advisable to use high-quality fuel and to ensure proper sealing and maintenance of fuel storage facilities to avoid water ingress. Regular checks for and immediate responses to any water in the fuel warnings are critical for maintaining the health and efficiency of John Deere engines.

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