ECU 000611.03 – Electronic Injector Wiring Shorted to Power. John Deere System Advisory.

ECU 000611.03 (ECU 611.03)

Code: 000611.03

Shortcode: 611.03


This code, ECU 000611.03, occurs when the wiring of electronic injectors (specifically for valves 1 to 3) is found to be shorted to a power source, typically 12 volts. This electrical fault can cause uncontrolled injector operation, leading to engine misfires or over-fueling.


The ECU may limit engine power or activate other protective measures to prevent damage from uncontrolled fuel injection.


  • Inspect Injector Wiring: Check the wiring harness for damage or corrosion that might cause short circuits.
  • Repair or Replace Wiring: Repair any damaged wiring or replace the harness if necessary to ensure proper electrical integrity.
  • Test Injector Operation: After repairs, test the injector operation to ensure they are receiving correct voltage levels.
  • Reset ECU and Clear Codes: Reset the ECU to clear the fault codes and restore normal injector control.


Proper maintenance of injector wiring is critical to prevent electrical faults and ensure consistent engine performance.

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