ECU 000613.31 – Driver Of Fuel Pressure Control Valves Fault Detected. John Deere System Advisory.

ECU 000613.31 (ECU 613.31)

Code: 000613.31

Shortcode: 613.31


ECU 000613.31 is set off when a fault is detected in the circuitry of the fuel pressure control valves, which could involve issues ranging from electrical faults to mechanical failures within the valve assembly.


The ECU will likely adjust engine operations to prevent potential damage or operational inefficiency due to incorrect fuel pressure adjustments.


  • Comprehensive Circuit Evaluation: Conduct a detailed assessment of the valve’s circuit for any electrical or mechanical malfunctions.
  • Replace Faulty Valves: If a fault within the valve assembly is detected, replace the affected component.
  • System Functionality Tests: After replacement, conduct tests to ensure the entire fuel pressure control system is functioning correctly.
  • Clear Codes and Reset Systems: Reset the ECU to ensure it properly recognizes the repairs and clears any fault codes.


Efficient management of fuel pressure is vital for engine performance and emissions control, requiring regular system checks and maintenance.

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