ECU 000652.18 – Injection Valve 2 Fault. John Deere System Advisory.

ECU 000652.18 (ECU 652.18)

Code: 000652.18

Shortcode: 652.18


This error code, ECU 000652.18, is set when the ECU detects that the fuel flow from injection valve 2 is lower than expected. This condition can lead to improper fuel delivery and engine performance issues.


The ECU may adjust engine parameters or limit performance to compensate for the reduced fuel flow and prevent engine damage.


  • Inspect Injector for Blockages: Check injection valve 2 for any blockages or debris that might restrict fuel flow.
  • Test Injector Operation: Use diagnostic tools to test the injector’s operation and ensure it is functioning correctly.
  • Verify Fuel Supply: Ensure that the fuel supply to the injector is adequate and that there are no restrictions in the fuel line.
  • Replace Faulty Injector: If the injector is found to be defective, replace it with a new one to restore proper fuel flow.
  • Reset ECU and Conduct System Tests: After addressing the issue, reset the ECU and perform tests to ensure the injector operates correctly and no further errors are detected.


Maintaining proper injector function is essential for consistent engine performance and efficiency. Regular inspection and maintenance can help prevent such issues.

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