ECU 000656.05 – Cylinder No. 6 Electronic Injector Circuit Open, Resistance Too High. John Deere System Advisory.

ECU 000656.05 (ECU 656.05)

Code: 000656.05

Shortcode: 656.05


This error code, ECU 000656.05, is generated when the ECU detects an open circuit in the electronic injector for cylinder no. 6, indicating that the circuit resistance is too high. This condition can prevent the injector from delivering fuel to the cylinder, leading to misfires, reduced engine power, and potential engine damage due to improper fuel-air mixture.


The ECU may disable the injector to prevent engine damage and alert the operator to the fault.


  • Inspect Injector Wiring: Examine the wiring and connectors for the injector in cylinder no. 6 for signs of damage, corrosion, loose connections, or disconnections. These issues can cause an open circuit.
  • Measure Circuit Resistance: Use a multimeter to measure the resistance in the injector circuit. High resistance readings indicate an open circuit that needs addressing.
  • Repair or Replace Wiring: Address any issues found by repairing or replacing damaged wires, connectors, or terminals to restore proper circuit continuity.
  • Test Injector Functionality: After repairs, test the injector to ensure it receives the correct voltage and operates correctly. Confirm that fuel delivery is restored.
  • Reset ECU and Conduct System Tests: Reset the ECU to clear the error code and perform system tests to confirm that the injector circuit is functioning correctly and no further errors are detected.


Maintaining proper wiring and connections for injectors is essential for ensuring accurate fuel delivery, optimal engine performance, and avoiding potential engine damage. Regular inspection and maintenance can help identify and resolve such issues before they cause significant problems.

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