ECU 001069.31 – Tire Size Error. John Deere System Advisory.

ECU 001069.31 (ECU 1069.31)

Code: 001069.31

Shortcode: 1069.31


Error code ECU 001069.31 is generated when the ECU calculates a wheel speed that does not correspond to the expected values for the available wheel sizes on the relevant model. This discrepancy can arise due to incorrect tire installation, tire wear, or calibration issues.


The ECU limits the engine speed to 1950 rpm to prevent potential damage or unsafe operation due to mismatched tire sizes.


  • Verify Tire Size: Check the installed tires to ensure they match the specified sizes for the vehicle model. Incorrect tire sizes can lead to speed calculation errors.
  • Inspect Tire Condition: Ensure that all tires are evenly worn and properly inflated. Significant differences in tire wear or pressure can affect wheel speed calculations.
  • Calibrate Wheel Speed Sensors: Perform a calibration of the wheel speed sensors to ensure accurate readings. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the calibration procedure.
  • Check Sensor Functionality: Verify that the wheel speed sensors are functioning correctly and providing accurate data to the ECU.
  • Reset ECU and Verify Operation: After addressing the tire size or sensor issues, reset the ECU to clear the error code and test the vehicle to ensure the problem is resolved.


Maintaining correct tire sizes and proper sensor calibration is crucial for vehicle stability and performance. Regular inspection and maintenance of tires and sensors can help prevent such issues.

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