ECU 001136.00 – ECU Temperature Extremely High. John Deere System Advisory.

ECU 001136.00 (ECU 1136.00)

Code: 001136.00

Shortcode: 1136.00


Error code ECU 001136.00 is triggered when the ECU detects an internal temperature that exceeds the specified maximum limit. Extremely high temperatures can impair ECU function, leading to potential system failures or damage.


The ECU may limit engine performance or initiate a system shutdown to prevent damage due to excessive heat.


  • Inspect Cooling System: Ensure that the cooling system for the ECU is functioning correctly. Check for obstructions, coolant levels, and proper operation of cooling fans.
  • Check ECU Location: Verify that the ECU is mounted in an area with adequate airflow and not exposed to excessive external heat sources.
  • Clean Cooling Components: Ensure that cooling vents and heat sinks are free from dust and debris, which can hinder heat dissipation.
  • Test for Overloads: Identify and address any system components or processes that may be causing the ECU to overwork and generate excess heat.
  • Replace Faulty Components: If the cooling system components, such as fans or heat sinks, are found to be defective, replace them to restore proper cooling.
  • Reset ECU and Monitor Temperature: After addressing the overheating issue, reset the ECU to clear the error code and monitor the internal temperature to ensure it remains within the specified range.


Maintaining proper ECU temperature is crucial for reliable system performance. Regular maintenance of the cooling system and ensuring adequate ventilation can help prevent overheating issues.

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