ECU 002798.06 – Injection Valve Supply Voltage 2, Resistance Too Low. John Deere System Advisory.

ECU 002798.06 (ECU 2798.06)

Code: 002798.06

Shortcode: 2798.06


This diagnostic code signals that the resistance in the circuit to the second injection valve is below the normal range, indicating a short to ground. Such a condition can lead to excessive current flow through the circuit, potentially damaging the injection valve or related electronic components.


The ECU may deactivate the affected injection valve to prevent further damage and stabilize engine operation.


  • Inspect Wiring and Connectors: Thoroughly check the wiring to the second injection valve for any signs of damage, wear, or contact with metal surfaces that could cause grounding.
  • Test Circuit Resistance: Use a multimeter to measure the resistance levels within the circuit, identifying areas where resistance is abnormally low.
  • Repair or Replace Affected Components: Fix any faults found in the wiring or connectors. If the injection valve is damaged due to the short, consider replacing it.
  • Reset ECU and Perform Tests: After making repairs, reset the ECU to ensure all changes are recognized. Test the fuel injection system to ensure it functions properly without recurrence of the fault.


Maintaining proper resistance levels in electrical circuits is critical to safe and efficient operation of fuel injection systems. Regular inspection and maintenance can help prevent shorts and preserve component integrity.

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