ECU 003353.31 – Alternator Fault. John Deere System Advisory.

ECU 003353.31 (ECU 3353.31)

Code: 003353.31

Shortcode: 3353.31


The ECU has detected an issue with the alternator, indicating that it is not being driven effectively. This could be due to a defective alternator, a worn or broken drive belt, or failure in other belt-driven components.


The control software may reduce or limit certain functions to conserve power, assuming reduced charging capability from the alternator.


  • Inspect Alternator and Drive Belt: Check the alternator for operational integrity and the drive belt for wear or damage.
  • Test Alternator Output: Measure the alternator’s output to confirm it meets manufacturer specifications.
  • Replace Worn or Faulty Components: Replace the alternator or belt if either is found to be defective.
  • Reset ECU and Check Electrical System: After repairs, reset the ECU and check the entire electrical system to ensure proper charging and functionality.


Ensuring the alternator and its drive system are in good working order is crucial for vehicle reliability and electrical system stability. Regular inspection and timely replacement of worn parts can prevent unexpected failures.

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