ECU 003514.04 – Sensor Supply Voltage 6 Out of Range Low. John Deere System Advisory.

ECU 003514.04 (ECU 3514.04)

Code: 003514.04

Shortcode: 3514.04


This diagnostic code indicates that the sixth sensor supply voltage is below the required level, typically due to a short to ground. This low voltage can lead to sensor underperformance, providing inadequate or incorrect data to the ECU.


The ECU may deactivate the affected sensors, which could result in incomplete system functionality and potentially inaccurate vehicle management.


  • Check for Grounding Issues: Examine the circuit for signs of grounding that could be pulling the voltage down.
  • Assess Voltage with a Multimeter: Confirm the low voltage condition and locate the fault within the circuit.
  • Rectify Electrical Problems: Repair or replace any elements that are causing the short to ground.
  • Reset ECU and Monitor System Response: After the electrical repairs, reset the ECU and test the system comprehensively to ensure all sensors are operational and providing accurate data.


Regular inspections and maintenance of the electrical system, including sensor supply circuits, are essential to maintain vehicle efficiency and reliability.

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