ECU 003711.14 – Diesel Particulate Filter Active Regeneration Inhibited Due to Low Exhaust Gas Temperature. John Deere System Advisory.

ECU 003711.14 (ECU 3711.14)

Code: 003711.14

Shortcode: 3711.14


This diagnostic trouble code indicates that active regeneration of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) has been inhibited due to low exhaust gas temperature. The target value for the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) inlet temperature was not reached during exhaust temperature management, preventing the regeneration process.


The ECU will inhibit active regeneration, which can lead to increased soot accumulation in the DPF, potentially affecting engine performance and emissions compliance.


  • Check Engine Operating Conditions: Ensure the engine is operating under conditions that allow it to reach and maintain the necessary exhaust gas temperatures for DPF regeneration.
  • Inspect Exhaust System Components: Verify that components such as the DOC, DPF, and sensors are functioning correctly and not restricting exhaust flow.
  • Verify Fuel Quality: Ensure that the fuel being used meets the specifications for proper combustion and exhaust temperature generation.
  • Monitor Exhaust Temperature Sensors: Use diagnostic tools to monitor the exhaust temperature sensors and confirm they are providing accurate readings. Replace faulty sensors if necessary.
  • Perform Manual Regeneration: If automatic regeneration continues to be inhibited, perform a manual regeneration cycle to reduce the soot level in the DPF.
  • Reset ECU and Test System: After addressing the issue, reset the ECU to clear the fault code and verify that the system can initiate and complete active regeneration.


Maintaining proper exhaust temperatures is crucial for effective DPF regeneration. Regular monitoring and maintenance of the exhaust system can help prevent issues that inhibit regeneration.

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