ECU 003719.13 – Excessive DPF Recovery Attempts. John Deere System Advisory.

ECU 003719.13 (ECU 3719.13)

Code: 003719.13

Shortcode: 3719.13


This code is set when the ECU detects that the number of DPF recovery attempts without a successful active regeneration has exceeded the limit. This situation can arise due to repeated failures in initiating or completing DPF regeneration cycles.


The ECU may further limit engine power to prevent potential damage to the DPF and other engine components, resulting in significantly reduced performance.


  • Review Regeneration Inhibition Factors: Identify and resolve factors that may be preventing successful DPF regeneration, such as low exhaust temperatures, active inhibit switches, or insufficient engine load.
  • Inspect Exhaust and Aftertreatment Systems: Check for blockages or malfunctions in the exhaust and aftertreatment systems that could be hindering regeneration.
  • Perform Manual DPF Regeneration: Initiate a manual regeneration cycle to attempt to clear the soot accumulation.
  • Check Sensor Functionality: Verify that all sensors involved in the regeneration process are functioning correctly and providing accurate data.
  • Reset ECU and Monitor: After resolving the issue, reset the ECU to clear the fault code and closely monitor subsequent regeneration attempts to ensure they are successful.


Ensuring successful DPF regeneration is critical for maintaining system efficiency and compliance with emissions regulations. Addressing the root causes of regeneration failures can prevent excessive soot buildup and avoid costly repairs.

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