ECU 004795.13 – Exhaust Filter Calibration Fault. John Deere System Advisory.

ECU 004795.13 (ECU 4795.13)

Code: 004795.13

Shortcode: 4795.13


This diagnostic trouble code indicates that there is an incorrect calibration code in the ECU related to the exhaust filter. Proper calibration is essential for the accurate functioning of the exhaust aftertreatment system.


The ECU may limit or adjust the operation of the exhaust aftertreatment system to manage the incorrect calibration, potentially impacting overall vehicle performance and emissions compliance.


  • Verify Calibration Code: Check the calibration code programmed into the ECU for the exhaust filter. Ensure that the correct code is entered.
  • Reprogram ECU: If the calibration code is incorrect, reprogram the ECU with the correct calibration code as specified by the manufacturer.
  • Check for Software Updates: Ensure that the ECU has the latest software updates that might address calibration issues.
  • Inspect Exhaust Filter System: Look for any signs of issues within the exhaust filter system that might be related to calibration problems.
  • Reset ECU and Monitor System: After correcting the calibration, reset the ECU to clear the fault code and monitor the system to ensure proper operation.


Accurate calibration of the exhaust filter is essential for ensuring the effectiveness of the exhaust aftertreatment system and compliance with emissions regulations. Regular inspections and updates can help prevent calibration-related issues.

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