EPC 000084.07 – Wheel Speed Detected During Calibration of Transmission

EPC 000084.07 (EPC 84.0)

Code: 000084.07

Shortcode: 84.0


This error code, EPC 000084.07, indicates that the control unit EPC has received a wheel speed signal via the CAN BUS during the calibration process of the transmission. This can occur due to several reasons:

  • A defective wheel speed sensor (B09/B35).
  • An incorrect wheel speed signal received via the CAN BUS.
  • The tractor is not stationary on a level surface during calibration, causing it to move (detected ground speed).


When this error is detected, the calibration process is interrupted or invalidated. This prevents the transmission from being properly calibrated, which can affect the overall performance and functionality of the tractor.


Inspect and Replace Wheel Speed Sensors:

  • Check the condition of the wheel speed sensors (B09/B35). If they are damaged or faulty, replace them.

Verify CAN BUS Signal Integrity:

  • Inspect the CAN BUS connections and wiring for any signs of damage, loose connections, or corrosion. Ensure the integrity of the signal being transmitted.

Ensure Stationary and Level Calibration Surface:

  • Make sure the tractor is on a flat, level surface during the calibration process. Ensure that it remains stationary throughout the procedure.

Recalibrate Transmission:

  • After addressing the above issues, restart the transmission calibration process to ensure accurate calibration.


Proper calibration of the transmission is critical for optimal performance. Regular maintenance and checks of sensors and CAN BUS integrity can prevent such errors. If the issue persists despite the above steps, further diagnostic checks may be required to identify underlying issues.

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