EPC 000092.19 – Incorrect CAN BUS Message, Engine Load from ECU

EPC 000092.19 (EPC 92.19)

Code: 000092.19

Shortcode: 92.19


This error code, EPC 000092.19, indicates that the ECU is unable to supply the CAN BUS message concerning engine load. This can occur due to incorrect or missing CAN BUS messages.


When this error is detected, the control systems relying on engine load data may not function properly, potentially leading to issues with engine performance and operation.


Verify CAN BUS Communication:

  • Check the CAN BUS wiring and connections for any signs of damage, loose connections, or corrosion. Ensure the integrity of the signal transmission.

Test ECU Functionality:

  • Use diagnostic tools to test the ECU and ensure it is correctly transmitting the engine load data. Update or reflash the ECU software if necessary.

Inspect Sensor and Wiring:

  • Check the engine load sensor and its associated wiring for any faults or malfunctions. Repair or replace if necessary.

Reset and Test System:

  • After addressing the above issues, reset the system and test to ensure proper communication of engine load data.


Reliable CAN BUS communication and a properly functioning ECU are essential for accurate engine load data transmission. Regular inspections and updates can help prevent such issues.

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