EPC 000237.31 – VIN Information, Incorrect

EPC 000237.31 (EPC 237.31)

Code: 000237.31

Shortcode: 237.31


This error code, EPC 000237.31, is generated when the vehicle identification number (VIN) from other control units is not received or incorrectly received. All active VIN participants must send the programmed VIN to the EPC at regular intervals.


When this error is detected, the control system may flag the mismatch, leading to potential issues with vehicle identification and management. This could affect diagnostics and servicing processes.


Verify VIN Transmission:

  • Check that all control units are correctly programmed to send the VIN information at regular intervals.

Inspect Control Unit Communications:

  • Ensure proper communication between control units. Check the wiring, connections, and CAN BUS system for any faults.

Reprogram Control Units:

  • If any control units are not sending the VIN information correctly, reprogram them with the correct VIN and ensure they are functioning properly.

Update Control Unit Software:

  • Ensure all control units have the latest software updates. Update as necessary to resolve any transmission issues.

Reset and Test System:

  • After addressing the issues, reset the system and verify that the VIN information is correctly received and processed by all control units.


Maintaining consistent and accurate VIN information across all control units is essential for vehicle identification and management. Regular checks and updates can help prevent such issues.

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