EPC 000639.12 – Power Train CAN BUS, High Error Rate

EPC 000639.12 (EPC 639.12)

Code: 000639.12

Shortcode: 639.12


This error code, EPC 000639.12, is generated when the control unit receives too many incorrect CAN BUS messages or detects a general problem in the connection to the power train CAN BUS. This indicates a high error rate in the communication system.


When this error is detected, the communication between control units may be impaired, leading to potential malfunctions, reduced performance, and unreliable operation of the power train systems.


Inspect CAN BUS Wiring:

  • Check the CAN BUS wiring for any signs of damage, loose connections, or corrosion. Repair or replace any faulty wiring.

Verify Connectors:

  • Ensure that all connectors in the CAN BUS network are securely connected and free of contaminants.

Check for Interference:

  • Inspect the environment for potential sources of electromagnetic interference that could affect CAN BUS communication. Address any identified sources of interference.

Test CAN BUS Components:

  • Use diagnostic tools to test the CAN BUS components, including transceivers and control units, for any faults. Replace any defective components.

Update Control Unit Software:

  • Ensure all control units on the CAN BUS network have the latest software updates. Updates may include improvements to CAN BUS communication protocols.

Reset and Test System:

  • After addressing the issues, reset the system and monitor the CAN BUS communication to ensure the error rate is within acceptable limits.


Maintaining the integrity of the CAN BUS network through regular inspections, proper shielding, and secure connections is essential for reliable communication between control units. Regular updates and diagnostic checks can help prevent high error rates.

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