ETC 000630.02 – Control Unit Internal Fault

ETC 000630.02 (ETC 630.02)

Code: 000630.02

Shortcode: 630.02


The error code ETC 000630.02 indicates an EEPROM error within the control unit. EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) is used to store configuration settings and other critical data. Errors in EEPROM can lead to incorrect data storage and retrieval, affecting the control unit’s performance.


When this fault is detected, the control unit may restrict certain operations or enter a fail-safe mode to prevent data corruption or further operational issues.


Diagnose EEPROM:

  • Run EEPROM Tests: Use diagnostic tools designed to test the EEPROM for errors. Look for any signs of corruption or malfunction.
  • Check Software Integrity: Verify the integrity of the control unit’s firmware and software that interacts with the EEPROM.

Repair or Replace EEPROM:

  • Reprogram EEPROM: If possible, attempt to reprogram the EEPROM to correct any data corruption.
  • Replace EEPROM: If the EEPROM is physically damaged or cannot be reprogrammed, replace it with a new component.

Update Control Unit Software:

  • Firmware Updates: Check for and apply any available firmware updates that address EEPROM handling or related issues.


EEPROM errors can often be prevented through regular software updates and proper handling of the control unit. Avoid exposure to extreme conditions that could affect the memory components.

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