ETC 522343.19 – R17 Resistor at Heated Rear Window, Incorrect CAN BUS Message (Power Module (HF) PC6)

ETC 522343.19 (ETC )

Code: 522343.19



The error code ETC 522343.19 is triggered when the output for switching resistor (R17; for heated rear window) is energized by more than one control unit. This indicates a conflict in the control signals being sent to the heated rear window resistor.


When this fault is detected, the control unit may disable the rear window heater to prevent damage due to conflicting control signals. This can result in intermittent or complete loss of rear window heating functionality.


Inspect CAN BUS Network:

  • Check Control Units: Identify and verify the control units that are sending signals to the heated rear window resistor. Ensure that only one control unit is responsible for energizing the resistor.
  • Inspect Wiring and Connections: Check the wiring and connectors between the control units and the heated rear window resistor for any signs of cross-wiring or incorrect connections. Repair or replace any faulty wiring.

Update and Reconfigure:

  • Software Updates: Apply any available firmware or software updates to the control units to ensure they are operating with the latest fixes and improvements.
  • Reconfigure Control Units: Reconfigure the control units to ensure that only one unit is authorized to control the rear window heater. This may involve adjusting settings or reprogramming the control units.

Test and Replace Components:

  • Test Control Units: Verify the operation of the control units involved in energizing the heated rear window resistor. Replace any control units that are malfunctioning or sending incorrect signals.


Maintaining a reliable and properly configured CAN BUS network is critical for vehicle operations. Regular inspections and timely updates of the control units can help prevent communication errors and conflicts in control signals.

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