ETC 523848.06 – B132 Adjusting Motor for Air Distribution, Current Too High

ETC 523848.06 (ETC )

Code: 523848.06



The error code ETC 523848.06 is triggered when the control unit measures too high an amperage at adjusting motor connecting leads 2028 and/or 2029. This indicates a short to ground in the circuit.


When this fault is detected, the control unit may disable or limit the operation of the air distribution adjusting motor to prevent damage due to excessive current. This can result in incorrect positioning of the air distribution flaps, affecting the ventilation system’s performance.


Inspect Electrical Circuits:

  • Check for Shorts to Ground: Inspect the wiring and connectors for signs of short circuits to ground. Look for damaged insulation, exposed wires, or pinched cables.
  • Measure Current Flow: Use a multimeter to measure the current flow at leads 2028 and/or 2029 to ensure it is within the specified range.

Test and Replace Components:

  • Test Adjusting Motor: Verify the operation of the B132 adjusting motor. Replace the motor if it is found to be malfunctioning or drawing excessive current.
  • Inspect Control Unit: Ensure that the control unit is functioning correctly. Replace the control unit if it is found to be faulty.

Repair or Replace Wiring:

  • Fix Damaged Wiring: Repair or replace any damaged or shorted wiring in the air distribution adjusting motor circuit. Ensure all connections are secure and properly insulated.


Regular maintenance and inspection of the electrical components associated with the air distribution adjusting motor can help prevent issues related to high current draw. Ensuring proper routing and securing of wires can reduce the risk of shorts and enhance system reliability.

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