FCC 522358.31 – Incorrect CAN Bus Message, Information from PTA, PTD, or PTQ Control Software

FCC 522358.31 (FCC )

Code: 522358.31



This error code indicates a data transfer problem between the FCC control software and PTA, PTD, or PTQ control software, suggesting an issue with the CAN bus or the transmitting control software. Such problems can result in incomplete or incorrect message exchanges, affecting the overall system performance.


The control software will have limited or no functionality due to the communication fault, impacting the transfer and processing of crucial data.


  • Diagnose CAN Bus System: Use diagnostic tools to check the integrity and functionality of the CAN bus system. Identify any physical damage, loose connections, or corrosion that may affect signal integrity.
  • Verify Software Configurations: Ensure that PTA, PTD, and PTQ control software are correctly configured and up-to-date to avoid compatibility issues.
  • Inspect Wiring and Connections: Examine the physical connections and wiring for any faults or damage that could disrupt data transfer.
  • Monitor Data Transmission: Use diagnostic tools to monitor data transmission between the control software systems, identifying any errors or discrepancies.
  • Consult Technical Support: If issues persist, contact John Deere technical support for advanced diagnostics and potential software reconfiguration or updates.


Maintaining robust communication between control software components is essential for efficient machine operation. Regular maintenance and prompt resolution of communication faults are crucial to ensuring system reliability.

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