GPM 521929.12 – INFORMATION FOR OPERATOR: Gear 7 Jumped Out

GPM 521929.12 (GPM )

Code: 521929.12



This code informs the operator that Gear 7 has disengaged unexpectedly. The operator needs to re-engage Gear 7.


The equipment will display a message instructing the operator to engage Gear 7 again, causing a temporary disruption in operation.


  • Operator Action:
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to re-engage Gear 7.
  • Inspect Transmission:
    • Check the transmission system for any issues that might cause Gear 7 to disengage unexpectedly. Look for signs of wear, damage, or improper adjustments.
  • Software Check:
    • Ensure the control software is functioning correctly and does not have any bugs that could cause this issue.
  • Consult Manual:
    • Refer to the operator’s manual for specific instructions on engaging Gear 7 and troubleshooting this issue.


Training operators on the proper engagement of gears and regular inspection of the transmission system can help prevent this issue.

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