GPM 521930.17 – Time-Out When Engaging Gear 6

GPM 521930.17 (GPM )

Code: 521930.17



This diagnostic trouble code is generated if the control software detects that it takes too long to engage Gear 6. The system will automatically attempt to engage the gear a second time.


The control software will delay engagement and attempt a second time to engage Gear 6. This could cause brief operational delays.


  • Inspect Transmission:
    • Conduct a thorough inspection of the transmission system to identify any mechanical issues that might cause delays in engaging Gear 6.
  • Check Solenoid Function:
    • Ensure the Gear 6 solenoid is functioning correctly and responding promptly. Replace the solenoid if necessary.
  • Software Check:
    • Verify that the control software is up-to-date and functioning correctly. Install any available updates to address potential bugs or issues.
  • Monitor Performance:
    • After making necessary adjustments, monitor the performance of Gear 6 engagement to ensure the issue is resolved.


Timely addressing delays in gear engagement can help maintain smooth operation and prevent further issues with the transmission system.

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