GPM 522092.07 – Gear 3 Fault

GPM 522092.07 (GPM )

Code: 522092.07



This diagnostic trouble code is generated if the control software detects that after several attempts, Gear 3 cannot be engaged. This indicates a mechanical problem with the gear. The gear is disabled until the next tractor start-up.


The control software will disable Gear 3, resulting in limited or no functionality of the transmission, which may significantly impact the equipment’s performance.


  • Inspect Transmission:
    • Conduct a thorough inspection of the transmission to identify any mechanical issues preventing Gear 3 from engaging. Look for signs of wear, damage, or misalignment.
  • Check Solenoid Function:
    • Verify that the Gear 3 solenoid is functioning correctly. Replace the solenoid if necessary.
  • Test Control Software:
    • Ensure the control software is functioning correctly and does not have any bugs or errors that could affect gear engagement.
  • Consult Technical Support:
    • If the mechanical problem persists, consult technical support or the manufacturer for further assistance and potential repairs.


Addressing mechanical issues promptly and maintaining the transmission system can help prevent gear engagement problems and ensure reliable operation of the equipment. Regular maintenance and inspection are crucial for long-term performance.

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