HV1 000158.04 – HV I Switched Supply Voltage Low

HV1 000158.04 (HV1 158.04)

Code: 000158.04

Shortcode: 158.04


This error code, HV1 000158.04, is triggered when the switched supply voltage to the Hitch Control Unit (HV I) drops below 9.0 V. This condition indicates an undervoltage situation which can affect the performance of the HV I.




  • Inspect Power Supply:
    • Check the power supply lines to the Hitch Control Unit for any signs of undervoltage conditions.
  • Examine Vehicle Load Center (VLC):
    • Since the VLC control unit wake-up circuit is the voltage source, perform diagnostics on the VLC. Verify if any faults or irregularities are present in the VLC.
  • Check for Associated Codes:
    • Look for other 000158.XX codes in other control units that may indicate similar issues. Address any related codes found.


Maintaining a stable power supply is critical to avoid undervoltage conditions. Regular checks on the electrical system and ensuring that all connections are secure can help prevent such issues.

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