ICC 000628.12 – Program Memory, Bad Intelligent Device, or Component

ICC 000628.12 (ICC 628.12)

Code: 000628.12

Shortcode: 628.12


This code indicates that the Instrument Cluster Control (ICC) unit is not programmed correctly or has faulty program memory. This could be due to incorrect initial programming, memory corruption, or a defective ICC unit.


The ICC unit may not function correctly, leading to various issues with instrument cluster readings and vehicle operation. The operator might see error messages or malfunctioning displays.


  • Reprogram ICC Unit:
    • Ensure the ICC unit is programmed with the correct software version.
    • Use manufacturer-specific diagnostic tools to reprogram the ICC unit.
  • Inspect Memory Integrity:
    • Use diagnostic tools to check for memory corruption or errors within the ICC unit.
    • Replace the ICC unit if memory faults are detected.
  • Verify Installation Procedures:
    • Ensure proper procedures are followed when installing or updating the ICC unit to prevent programming errors.


Proper handling and programming of control units are essential to prevent memory and software issues.

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