ICC 002370.06 – Right Turn Signal Lights Current Above Normal or Grounded Circuit

ICC 002370.06 (ICC 2370.06)

Code: 002370.06

Shortcode: 2370.06


This code indicates that the current for the right turn signal lights is above normal, suggesting that the output circuit is shorted to ground. This could be due to a wiring short, a faulty bulb socket, or issues within the control module.


The right turn signal lights may not operate correctly, and there could be a risk of blowing fuses or damaging other electrical components. The operator might see a warning light or message on the dashboard.


  • Inspect Turn Signal Bulbs:
    • Check the right turn signal bulbs and sockets for proper operation. Replace any defective components.
  • Examine Wiring for Shorts:
    • Inspect the wiring harness for signs of damage or shorts to ground.
    • Repair or replace any damaged wiring.
  • Test Control Module:
    • Verify the functionality of the control module responsible for the turn signals.
    • Replace the control module if necessary.
  • Check for Grounding Issues:
    • Ensure that the right turn signal circuit is not improperly grounded.


Routine inspection and maintenance of the turn signal system and electrical wiring can help prevent grounding issues and ensure reliable operation.

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