ICC 003719.09 – Particulate Trap #1 Soot Load Percent Abnormal Update Rate

ICC 003719.09 (ICC 3719.09)

Code: 003719.09

Shortcode: 3719.09


This code indicates that the soot load percent data for Particulate Trap #1 is not being updated correctly, suggesting that the request to the ECU (Engine Control Unit) has timed out. This could be due to communication issues within the CAN network, sensor problems, or faults in the ECU.


The ECU may not have accurate information on the soot load percent, potentially leading to ineffective DPF regeneration and increased emissions. The operator might see a warning light or message on the dashboard.


  • Inspect CAN Network Wiring:
    • Check the CAN network wiring for any signs of damage, loose connections, or corrosion.
    • Ensure all connectors are properly seated and free from debris.
  • Test Soot Load Sensor:
    • Verify that the soot load sensor is functioning correctly and transmitting data at the correct rate.
    • Replace the sensor if it is found to be faulty.
  • Check ECU and Network Modules:
    • Ensure the ECU and other network modules are functioning correctly and up to date.
    • Update the software and firmware to the latest versions.
  • Verify Data Integrity:
    • Use diagnostic tools to check the integrity and update rate of data being transmitted over the CAN network.


Maintaining a healthy CAN network and ensuring all components are properly connected and functioning can help prevent issues with data transmission rates and the DPF system.

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