ICC 524264.31 – Checksum Error Not Available or Condition Exists

ICC 524264.31 (ICC )

Code: 524264.31



This code indicates an EEPROM checksum failure, meaning the data is invalid. This could be due to memory corruption, incorrect programming, or faults within the EEPROM itself.


The control unit may not function correctly, leading to various operational issues and potential failure of critical systems. The operator might see a warning light or message on the dashboard.


  • Reprogram EEPROM:
    • Use manufacturer-specific diagnostic tools to reprogram the EEPROM with the correct data.
  • Inspect Memory Integrity:
    • Use diagnostic tools to check for memory corruption or errors within the EEPROM.
    • Replace the EEPROM if persistent memory issues are detected.
  • Verify Installation Procedures:
    • Ensure proper procedures are followed when installing or updating the control unit to prevent checksum errors.
  • Check Power Supply and Connections:
    • Ensure the EEPROM and associated control unit are receiving a stable power supply and that all connections are secure and free from corrosion.


Proper handling and programming of control units are essential to prevent memory and software issues. Regular updates and checks can help maintain data integrity.

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