OIC 523677.04 – Declutch Switch on Range-Shift Lever, Voltage Too Low

OIC 523677.04 (OIC )

Code: 523677.04



This error code is generated when the control software detects that the signal voltage in the circuit of the declutch switch on the range shift lever is too low when the switch is actuated. Possible reasons include a defective declutch switch, a signal voltage shorted to ground, or an open circuit.


The function of the declutch switch on the range shift lever is turned off by the control software. The function must be reactivated in address PTQ167.


Inspect Declutch Switch:

  • Check the declutch switch on the range shift lever for signs of damage or defect. Replace the switch if necessary.

Test Voltage Levels:

  • Use a multimeter to measure the signal voltage in the circuit of the declutch switch. Ensure it remains within the specified range.

Check for Shorts and Open Circuits:

  • Inspect the wiring for short circuits to ground or open circuits. Repair any identified shorts or open circuits.

Verify Ground Connection:

  • Ensure that the ground connection to the shift knob is secure and free of corrosion. Repair or replace any loose or damaged wires.

Update Control Software:

  • Ensure that the control software is updated to the latest version. Firmware updates might improve handling of the declutch switch signals.

Consult Manufacturer Support:

  • If the issue persists, consult technical support or the manufacturer for further diagnostics and assistance.

Reactivation of Function:

  • After resolving the issue, reactivate the declutch switch function in address PTQ167.

Monitor System Performance:

  • After addressing the issue, monitor the system to ensure the declutch switch functions correctly and the error does not recur.


Maintaining proper voltage levels and ensuring good connections are essential for the reliable operation of the declutch switch.

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