PDU 523791.14 – Engine Starting Aid Countdown

PDU 523791.14 (PDU )

Code: 523791.14



This code indicates that the engine is too cold to start and is currently performing a preheat function. The engine is activating the preheater to prepare for starting. This is a normal procedure to ensure the engine starts safely in cold conditions.


The engine will not start until the preheat function is completed. The PDU will display a countdown indicating the time remaining until the engine can be safely started.


  • Wait for Preheat to Complete:
    • Allow the preheat countdown to finish before attempting to start the engine. This ensures the engine is properly warmed up and ready to start.
  • Monitor the Countdown:
    • Keep an eye on the PDU display for the countdown timer. Do not attempt to start the engine until the timer reaches zero.
  • Ensure Proper Preheat Function:
    • Verify that the preheat system is functioning correctly and that the engine is warming up as expected.


This is not an error code but a normal operational message. No diagnosis is needed. Regular maintenance of the engine preheater can help ensure smooth starts in cold conditions.

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