PLC 000639.13 – Power Train CAN BUS, High Error Rate

PLC 000639.13 (PLC 639.13)

Code: 000639.13

Shortcode: 639.13


This diagnostic trouble code is generated when the control unit detects a high error rate in the CAN BUS messages related to the power train, indicating possible issues with the CAN BUS communication network.


The equipment may experience degraded performance or malfunction of components reliant on CAN BUS communication. There may be delays or errors in the data exchange between the control unit and other modules.


  • Inspect CAN BUS Network:
    • Check the CAN BUS wiring for any signs of damage, corrosion, or loose connections. Repair or replace as necessary.
  • Verify Termination Resistors:
    • Ensure that the termination resistors are present and correctly placed in the CAN BUS network to maintain signal integrity.
  • Check for Interference:
    • Look for potential sources of electromagnetic interference that might be affecting CAN BUS communication and mitigate them.
  • Update Software:
    • Ensure that the control unit and other modules on the CAN BUS network have the latest software updates.
  • Replace Faulty Components:
    • If specific modules or control units are identified as problematic, consider replacing them to restore proper CAN BUS communication.


Maintaining the integrity of the CAN BUS network is crucial for reliable operation of the power train and other systems. Regular checks and prompt repairs of the network components can prevent communication errors.

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