SV1 004084.07 – SV I Not in Float Position

SV1 004084.07 (SV1 4084.07)

Code: 004084.07

Shortcode: 4084.07


This error code, SV1 004084.07, indicates that the Selective Control Valve I (SV I) is not achieving the FLOAT position as commanded. The FLOAT position is crucial for certain operations where the hydraulic system needs to allow free movement.


When this error is detected, the equipment may not perform certain tasks effectively, particularly those requiring the hydraulic system to enter the FLOAT position. This can lead to suboptimal performance or inability to perform specific functions.


  • Inspect Mechanical Linkages:
    • Check for any obstructions or damage in the mechanical linkages of the SV I that could prevent it from reaching the FLOAT position.
  • Check Hydraulic Fluid Levels:
    • Ensure that the hydraulic fluid levels are adequate and that there are no leaks in the system which might affect the valve’s operation.
  • Calibrate SV I:
    • Perform a calibration procedure for the SV I to ensure it correctly responds to commands to enter the FLOAT position.
  • Inspect Control Signals:
    • Verify that the control signals being sent to the SV I are correct and consistent with the command to enter the FLOAT position. This might involve checking the corresponding control unit for any faults.
  • Update Software:
    • Ensure that the control software for the SV I is up-to-date to avoid any software-related issues preventing the valve from reaching the FLOAT position.


Regular maintenance and proper calibration of the hydraulic system and its components can help prevent this issue from occurring. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific calibration and maintenance procedures.

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