SV1 004084.16 – SV I Overshot Commanded Position

SV1 004084.16 (SV1 4084.16)

Code: 004084.16

Shortcode: 4084.16


This error code, SV1 004084.16, occurs when the spool of the Selective Control Valve I (SV I) overshoots its commanded position. This indicates a control or mechanical issue within the valve system.


When this error is detected, the SV I may operate erratically, leading to excessive movement beyond the desired position, which can cause operational inefficiencies or potential damage to the equipment.


  • Inspect Mechanical Components:
    • Check the spool and other mechanical components for wear, damage, or obstructions that could cause the spool to overshoot.
  • Calibrate SV I:
    • Perform a detailed calibration of the SV I to ensure it accurately responds to position commands.
  • Verify Control Signals:
    • Ensure that the control signals sent to the SV I are precise and free from noise or interference. Check the control unit for any possible faults.
  • Inspect Hydraulic Fluid:
    • Ensure the hydraulic fluid is clean and at the correct levels. Contaminated or low fluid levels can affect valve performance.
  • Update Software:
    • Update the software controlling the SV I to the latest version to mitigate any software-related control issues.


Consistent calibration and maintenance of hydraulic components can significantly reduce the occurrence of such errors. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for regular inspections and updates.

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