SV1 004085.07 – SV I Not in NEUTRAL Position

SV1 004085.07 (SV1 4085.07)

Code: 004085.07

Shortcode: 4085.07


This error code, SV1 004085.07, indicates that the Selective Control Valve I (SV I) is not achieving the NEUTRAL position as commanded. This can also be triggered if the control lever is moved while the key is on and the engine is off.


When this error is detected, the SV I may not function properly, leading to issues with hydraulic control and potential safety concerns if the valve remains in an unintended position.


  • Inspect Control Lever Position:
    • Ensure that the control lever is in the correct position when the engine is off. Avoid moving the control lever with the key on and the engine off.
  • Check Mechanical Linkages:
    • Inspect the mechanical linkages of the SV I for any obstructions or damage that could prevent it from reaching the NEUTRAL position.
  • Calibrate SV I:
    • Perform a calibration procedure for the SV I to ensure it correctly responds to commands to enter the NEUTRAL position.
  • Verify Electrical Connections:
    • Check all electrical connections to the SV I for any signs of corrosion, loose connections, or damaged wiring. Secure or replace as necessary.
  • Update Software:
    • Ensure that the control software for the SV I is up-to-date to avoid any software-related issues preventing the valve from reaching the NEUTRAL position.


Regular calibration and inspection of the control lever and associated components can help prevent this issue. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance and operation procedures.

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