SV1 004084.18 – SV I Failed to Reach Commanded Position

SV1 004084.18 (SV1 4084.18)

Code: 004084.18

Shortcode: 4084.18


This error code, SV1 004084.18, indicates that the spool of the Selective Control Valve I (SV I) is under-shooting its desired position, failing to reach the commanded position.


When this error is detected, the SV I may not perform as expected, leading to incomplete or inadequate movements, which can affect the efficiency and effectiveness of the hydraulic system.


  • Inspect Mechanical Components:
    • Check for any obstructions or damage in the mechanical components of the SV I that could prevent the spool from reaching its commanded position.
  • Calibrate SV I:
    • Perform a thorough calibration of the SV I to ensure it can accurately reach and maintain the commanded positions.
  • Verify Control Signals:
    • Ensure that the control signals sent to the SV I are correct and consistent with the desired positions. Check for any issues in the control unit or signal transmission.
  • Inspect Hydraulic System:
    • Verify the hydraulic fluid levels and ensure there are no leaks. Check the condition of the hydraulic fluid for contamination.
  • Determine Total Flow Demand:
    • Refer to the Operator’s Manual for instructions on determining the total flow demand and correctly setting the flow if multiple valves are generating a 004084.18 code.


Proper setup and calibration of the hydraulic system, along with regular inspections and maintenance, are essential to prevent such issues. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations for flow settings and system calibration can help ensure reliable operation.

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