John Deere gives CropX Farm Management System access to its operations center

John Deere gives CropX Farm Management System access to its operations center

Yesterday, Aug. 3, it was announced that technology company, CropX Technologies, will connect its digital ag management products to John Deere Operations Center.

The integration of CropX Technologies’ digital agribusiness management solutions will enable users of CropX Technologies applications and those with access to John Deere Operations Center to share information from those systems in real time. It will be possible to interface directly with John Deere Operations Center, receive and view data from the CropX Farm Management System interface. Farmers using two systems at the same time will have access to analytics and data, online, so soil sensors can be monitored in real time with minimal delay. The integration will also allow to work in reverse direction, i.e. in the CropX system, it will be possible to import and synchronize field data from Operations Center in CropX

“Connecting to John Deere Operation Center supports our goals and objectives to bring digital solutions to agribusiness,” says Tomer Tsach, CEO of CropX Technologies. “Farmers will find it easier to collect and share data between the two technologies, as well as access data from the CropX farm management system.”

CropX Technologies is adding crop optimization tools to its farm management platform. Adding features:

  • -Fertilizer application,
  • -disease control
  • -wastewater management

“The integration with John Deere Operations Center makes CropX easier and more convenient for growers,” says Paul Cooper of Greenway Equipment, a John Deere dealer who uses the CropX system. “They can analyze planting, application, and yield data, as well as analyze moisture throughout the farm to improve the efficiency of irrigation practices.”

This latest integration adds to the list of agtech and data companies that connect to the CropX farm management system and allows users to import fields, farms and data from third-party sources, including Reinke Irrigation, WeatherLink and Climate FieldView.

About CropX.

CropX is one of the fastest growing agribusiness management solution providers in the world, deployed in more than 50 countries and on all continents suitable for farming. The CropX platform synthesizes data from the ground and altitude, offering advanced soil and crop information as well as a suite of digital decision-making and planning tools, all in an easy-to-use application capable of tracking multiple farms and fields. CropX is supported by the world’s leading agribusinesses and venture capitalists, who recognize that CropX precision farming technologies are setting new standards of excellence for environmental sustainability and farm productivity.

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