John Deere P600 pneumatic seed drill

John Deere introduces new P600 precision drill with pneumatic cultivators

New range will be 15.5% wider in working width and 24% lighter in weight than its predecessor P500

John Deere has introduced new P600 precision air hoe seeders with working widths from 60 to 90 feet to meet the demands of air seeding of small grain crops.

New models include the P660, P670, P680 and P690 in 10- to 12-inch increments with new double opener coulters. The new double-knife coulter consistently places fertiliser 1.5″ horizontally and 0.75″ vertically from the seed, ensuring uniform germination and equal access to nutrients. This new range provides customers with a wide choice of options to suit their operation.

The Precision Air-Moe P600 seeder uses existing John Deere integrated pneumatic seeding technology, which includes three-inch primary seed at working widths over 60 feet with John Deere distribution towers, improved tyre options for optimum flotation, RelativeFlow blockage detection and full integration with John Deere tractors and pneumatic trailers.

With the RelativeFlow blockage detection sensor, farmers can see the speed of seed and fertiliser flow from the cab of the tractor. The sensors are located on all primary towers and secondary hoses and monitor the relative flow of product, providing a better view of the seed and fertiliser flow rate from the cart to the coulter. This helps farmers identify problems before potential clogging occurs.

The new Precision Air-Moe P600 drills use the existing John Deere naming system. “P” stands for Precision hoe; “6” for series number; followed by a two-digit tool width.

“The new Precision Air-Moe P600 seeders are part of our fully integrated fine grain production system, which can include a John Deere 9 Series tractor equipped with JDLink connectivity, John Deere Operations Centre and John Deere Connected Support, as well as a selection of air trailers for advanced pneumatic seeding technology,” said Lina Pham, John Deere marketing manager.

For more information on MY23 pneumatic seeder upgrades and enhancements, visit the John Deere website or contact your local John Deere dealer.

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