5130ML John Deere

John Deere introduces the new 5ML Series narrow-gauge tractors.

The new 5ML Series narrow-gauge tractors feature a comprehensive technology package for precision farming and deliver up to 134 hp with the 5130ML.

AutoTracTM is already a standard feature as a default option

To make working with special crops easier, the 5ML offers an extensive package of technologies for precision farming. This includes the integrated AutoTracTM navigation system. The AutoTracTM display is built directly into the tractor’s dashboard, so no additional equipment is required.

With the optional Gen 4 display, every work step of the 5ML can be easily documented and shared with the John Deere Operations Center, available free of charge. According to John Deere, all activities can be monitored, planned and analyzed here.

1-Click-Go-AutoSetup: Plan ahead

With John Deere’s 1-Click-Go-AutoSetup, documenting and performing work steps, such as determining application rates for crop protection products, can be set up through the Control Center. As soon as the tractor enters the appropriate field, a specific job appears on the display. The driver only needs to confirm and go ahead. 1-Click-Go-AutoSetup saves setup time and ensures error-free documentation.

Individual work on special crops

5ML can be connected to software applications from partner companies through the John Deere Operations Center, allowing for site-specific management, especially for specialty crops. This means resources can be used in a targeted manner while reducing production costs.

Connected Support: Quick Help in Case of Failure

“Connected Support” John Deere is designed to extend the operating time of 5ML: with customer consent, machine data is analyzed remotely while 5ML is in operation. In the event of a malfunction, the local John Deere dealer is automatically informed and the customer can be contacted before machine performance is affected.

Engine: 4.5-liter four-cylinder with up to 134 hp.

The new John Deere PowerTech Plus 5130ML is a 4.5-liter four-cylinder engine that delivers up to 30 percent more torque and a maximum output of 134 hp. The PowerQuad Plus manual transmission has four gears, and the optional Powr8 transmission has eight fully shiftable powershift gears. When groups change, the appropriate PowerShift gear is automatically selected.

Hydraulics: 117 l/min for demanding attachments

In addition to the engine power, the 5ML should also impress with its hydraulic performance of 117 l/min. This makes it possible to connect implements with high hydraulic power requirements directly to the tractor hydraulics – without an auxiliary drive hydraulic pump. The 5ML can also be used with a front loader.

According to John Deere, the 5ML features a 4,900-lb. rear and 2,900-lb. front lift capacity with a 3,500-lb. payload. This combination allows for larger attachments that increase horsepower and therefore productivity.

In addition, the 5ML features a stable design. The fenders, fuel tank and tail light housing as well as the door seals are made of steel. The rounded corners of the design ensure that the crop will not be damaged when driving through narrow plantations.

Category 4 cab protects against dust and aerosols

The 5ML cab features an electronic joystick and LCD display on the dashboard. According to John Deere, this provides optimum visibility of tractor settings and increases operator comfort because the joystick makes it easier to control attachments.

The iTec headland management function should noticeably relieve the driver by automating work processes when turning on the headland. A category 4 cabin filter system (according to EN 15695), which is integrated into the driver’s cab roof, is available as an option and provides protection against dust, harmful aerosols and vapors.