The John Deere 1 Series Round Baler lineup

John Deere Unveils Innovative 1 Series Round Balers with Enhanced Connectivity

The primary goal of this new baler series is to maximize the utilization of John Deere’s technology suite

The newly introduced 1 Series round balers by John Deere incorporate advanced technology for on-field documentation of bale moisture and weight, aiming to assist farmers in enhancing efficiency and achieving a better return on investment.

Baler tech

The latest baler series showcases John Deere’s innovative Bale Doc technology, enabling seamless data transmission to the Operations Center for in-depth post-harvest analysis. According to Chase Milem, the marketing manager at John Deere, the capability to monitor bale moisture and weight will empower farmers to make well-informed decisions, both during real-time operations and in the post-season analysis.

Milem emphasizes the significance of this technology by stating:

“Farmers will have the capability to assess field tonnage shortly after harvesting or the following day, enabling them to evaluate each field’s performance. This will allow farmers to make adjustments in terms of nutrient management or consider taking a field out of production. The adoption of this technology on their round balers will undoubtedly yield substantial returns on investment for them.”

The John Deere 1 Series Round Baler lineup

This technology leverages a range of John Deere’s advanced tools and systems.

“Similar to our extensive agricultural production and precision agriculture system, we can capture a harvest layer in the Operations Center through the in-cab machine display,” explains Kyle Ruth, Product Marketing Manager at John Deere. “In terms of our technology stack, we rely on fundamental hardware components, including the John Deere display, a Starfire receiver, and a modem that facilitates the transmission of this data to the Operations Center.”

Farmers have the flexibility to access this data from the tractor cab using either the new 8-inch G5e display or their standard John Deere tractor display.

The 1 Series offers three different pickup options:

  • the regular pickup,
  • wide pickup,
  • and a newly introduced high-capacity pickup.

The high-capacity pickup features a dual rotor system, significantly boosting the baler’s throughput. This enhancement allows farmers to potentially produce up to 80 more bales per day compared to Deere’s wide pickup, as explained by Milem. Additionally, Deere provides an optional pre-cutter, which reduces stems to approximately 2.5 inches in size, ideal for feeding cattle.

Operator comforts

The 1 Series round balers incorporate new technology aimed at minimizing operator fatigue. Baler automation technology takes care of the gate’s opening and closing at the precise moment, eliminating repetitive tasks and reducing the risk of operator errors. Additionally, there is an optional net roll lift assist available directly from the factory. This connecting linkage attaches to the net wrap handles and facilitates the positioning of the net roll.

“In the past, customers had to manually lift a roll weighing between 90 to 120 pounds off the back of their truck or from the ground and hoist it up onto the back,” Milem explains. “This will significantly reduce the effort required for that task.”

The John Deere 1 Series Round Baler lineup

The Series 1 also offers optional net lighting to facilitate reloading in low-light conditions. Additionally, there is an optional preservation system that includes a tank, sensors, controller, and distribution system for applying preservative to each bale.


The John Deere 1 Series Round Baler lineup consists of eight models:

  • 451E,
  • 451M,
  • 451R,
  • 461M,
  • 461R,
  • 551M,
  • 561M,
  • and 561R.

E models feature a regular pickup, M models are equipped with the MegaWide Plus pickup, and R models come with the new High-Capacity or High-Capacity and Precutting feeding system.

The balers are expected to have widespread availability in 2024, with orders set to begin on September 12, 2023. Pricing details will be disclosed at the time when orders become available.

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