John Deere won two CES 2023 Innovation Awards

John Deere won two CES 2023 Innovation Awards

With its fully autonomous tractor, John Deere – named winner of the CES® 2023 Innovation Awards in the Robotics category and winner in the Vehicle Technology and Advanced Mobility category

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has presented the John Deere Innovation Award for the fourth consecutive year. The awards will be presented Jan. 5-8 in Las Vegas, Nevada, at CES 2023, the world’s most influential digital technology event.

The displayed John Deere Autonomous Tractor utilizes artificial intelligence, various cameras and sensors, as well as fully synchronized with the John Deere Operations Center – enabling the John Deere Autonomous Tractor to move across the field without an operator in the cab, thereby making its operations more efficient, more effective, and more cost-effective compared with an ordinary in-cab driver operated tractor.

“Farmers are never short of work on any given day,”.

“With our fully autonomous tractor, farmers can focus on the most pressing tasks within their operation while the machine handles what they don’t have time or labor for. We continue to invest in autonomy and automation to support the important work our customers do every day.”

said Jami Hindman, John Deere CTO

The CES Innovation Awards, an annual competition hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) in the United States, evaluates nominees based on innovation, technical and functional capabilities, aesthetic appeal and design. The awards are presented in 28 product categories.

John Deere won in the Robotics category, which recognizes intelligent, programmable machines equipped with artificial intelligence that are fully capable of mimicking human behavior and making human-like decisions, i.e., performing tasks and actions that are human-like but without human error.

In the second category, where John Deere – received the Vehicle Intelligence & Advanced Mobility award – is dedicated to automotive and other transportation products and services that integrate technology into driving or operating a vehicle, as well as for improving safety, navigation, passenger experience and autonomous driving, as well as enabling self-driving.

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